I never thought I had to write an article explaining another article of mine, but I guess I have to cross that from checklist too. A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article on why calling someone a nerd, classifies as a compliment. You can find it here. To my surprise, the number of comments I received was more than usual. I have a bunch of other articles, some in Albanian, some in English but my readers just don’t seem to care. 😉 (spent a lot of time and efforts writing those articles you guys, but never mind 😛 ). 

Since I got a little bit of time on my hand, I sat down to address some of those comments. I even, sent the article to one sociology lecturer, Klajdi Logu, to get some more thoughtful insights (he is a very smart guy and a very good friend, so he literally made a list ) So, without talking any further and trying to conclude this article as a 5 minute read, below are my comments to the comments.

  • Have you mistaken geeks with the nerds? – Nope, the article is only about nerds. Where is the difference? As slack Slackpropagation puts it, “Both are dedicated to their subjects, and sometimes socially awkward. The distinction is that geeks are fans of their subjects, and nerds are practitioners of them.” As a matter of fact the majority now thinks that calling someone a geek is a compliment, but still have some problems with nerds. But I should have said that in the article, so my mistake.
  • Nerds are not only boys. – Absolutely not. My article is for both boys and girls. Maybe a little bit here and there, one or two paragraphs apply only for boys, but that’s because some situations have more impact on boys than girls. (just an overall opinion though, not based on facts). I also made some updates to the article to reflect the comment.
  • I had fun reading this article (oh thank you, I really appreciated), but you are protecting them to much (come on, seriously). – First of all they are not them, they’re us. Second this is not an objective article.  I didn’t wrote the article cause it was a nice topic to cover, no I wrote it as a response. This is an empowering article, and empowering its not made by stating facts and of course it had a dose of subjectivism.
  • Game changers and successful peoples are not nerds most of the time. – Absolutely true. As I mentioned above, this was a way to give some examples, some good ones, showing that there is nothing wrong on being a nerd, or living the life as a nerd. Chances are you doing pretty good compared to the rest of us and I believe in their ability to make a change. 
  • Are you a nerd? – Well, I am a little bit (I have to define what a little means in this case). But you should not take the article as personal response. It’s not suppose to be read like that. 

I would have liked to answer all of them in a detailed way, but I believe these are enough in offering a thorough explanation of my article. Once again I ask you to subscribe. Soon I will start sending monthly newsletters and I don’t want you to miss them. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Social Media. 

Less than 5 minutes, yup I made it 😛

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