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I am Xhulio.  (Don’t believe the picture, I am a little bit older)

Before I begin, I have one request: Please stick with me until the end. 😛

Lately I have been reading a lot about the impact of modern technology in developing new behaviors, expressions that we didn’t have before, or that we didn’t know about. Today, technology, society and business seem to interact more than ever with one another. They change, adapt and redefines themselves rapidly to the development of the other two. I started this blog to share my thoughts on the ways technology affects us and how to use it in enhancing creativity, in building new business models and getting the best of it in our daily life.

Well, can I talk a little about me now? 😛 I am 25 years old. I have a bachelor degree in Business Informatics and Master Degree in Information System in Economy. Most of my career, about 4 years now, I have spent in an online media company. Yup, I am still there (maybe I like it). I love to work on something that all people can reach, read or use. I teach System Analysis & Design and Mobile Applications in one of my country’s universities (another reason that I started this blog). If you want a full bio of mine please click on my LinkedIn profile (I don’t think you do, but just in case).

I like to read and to write, a lot, so you will be hearing from me frequently. Normally I write one or two blog posts a week. I like to play chess…, hem, not really, I just added this to look a little bit of a nerd. But, I like a bunch of television series like Game of Thrones, WestWorld, House of Cards, Stranger Things or Silicon Valley (now that makes me a nerd). Once in a while, I may write something about this, or a book, or just to express myself in a matter that deeply concerns me. You can skip those if you want (please don’t 😉 ).

If you have any questions or any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I will gladly answer as soon as I can. If you have something in mind, then let’s work together. I like to collaborate with people that share the same enthusiasm. Please fill the contact form, I will get to you as soon as possible. One of my favorite quotes is: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, so I am always open to hear about new ideas.

And lastly, if you like what you read, please subscribe by entering your address in the form on the sidebar. Every couple of weeks I will be sending you the latest posts and a list of recommendations that I like you to read.

If you have reached this far, thank you 🙂 (I know how hard it can be).

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